Universal Instruments is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced automation and assembly equipment solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Universal is the longest-standing company in the electronics assembly space, offering a comprehensive range of solutions below.

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • Through-hole Technology (PTH),
  • Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

Surface Mount Equipments

Universal Instruments
Universal Instruments

Fuzion Platform

Industry's most adaptable and capable platform

Designed with the latest generation of head and feeder technologies, and software tools, Fuzion® delivers unparalleled performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

With Fuzion®, you can maximize utilization, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and productivity, while minimizing cost per placement – no matter the product mix or environment. Fuzion® offers a flexible, high-speed platform solution that adapts to your needs, with plug-and-play adaptability for specialized application-specific tooling.

Build your most challenging products with precise, repeatable closed-loop processes – and with confidence.

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Universal Instruments

FuzionOF Platform

Unmatched odd-form automation throughput for faster cycle times and elimination of bottlenecks

FuzionOF™ allows for transformation of back-end assembly into a strategic advantage.

FuzionOF™ incorporates precise, repeatable, closed-loop processes that reduce defects, rework and waste. With a comprehensive range of component handling and input types, various standard tooling, and personalized design and implementation services, the FuzionOF addresses and caters to almost any odd-form application.

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Advanced Packaging Equipment

Universal Instruments
Universal Instruments
Universal Instruments

FuzionSC Platforms

Unsurpassable combination of precision, speed and flexibility

FuzionSC is Universal Instruments’ next-generation semiconductor platform, offering the industry’s most precise accuracy, highest flip chip throughput, and widest component range.

Universal Instruments’ FuzionSC™ Platform offers a complete solution to flip chip package applications by blending the strict accuracy demands of Semiconductor assembly with the speed and robustness of Universal’s Fuzion Platform.

With the ability to handle all facets of flip chip assembly, FuzionSC reduces operating and capital costs by maximizing throughput per floor-space.

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Through-Hole Equipment

Universal Instruments

Generation 88HT

For consistent high throughput throughout traditional PCB Assembly

The next step in Universal’s evolution is the Generation 88HT series, building off the highly successful Generation 88 series with improvements yielding higher throughput, improved reliability and increased capability. These enhancements are also available as an upgrade package to preserve Universal’s platform philosophy and provide the end user with the best-in-class investment protection.

Dedicated to pre-taped radial and axial components, the Radial 88HTi™ and VCD 88HTi™ bring a new level of productivity to radial and axial component sequencing and insertion, offering consistently high throughput.

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Automation Equipment

Universal Instruments


Flexible and cost-effective multiprocess PCB assembly automation

Uflex™ delivers ultimate flexibility for all forms of odd-form insertion and mechanical assembly operations. It supports radial and axial insertion and provides passive and active clinching. Uflex is easily retooled for a variety of processes, including screw driving, labeling, test handling, and more.

The Uflex™ flexible automation platform provides exclusive value by breaking traditional automation barriers with a dramatically shortened payback period and a 50% ROI improvement.

With a revolutionary architecture that enables it to be easily reconfigured in the field, Uflex is a valuable asset that speeds time to market – particularly in higher mix environments.

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