Hover-Davis is a leading provider of of material handling and automation solutions with 30 years of experience in serving the electronics manufacturing industry. Hover-Davis solutions are designed to improve productivity, efficiency and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)across industries and product mix.

Hover-Davis' component delivery solution has expanded to include custom automation application feeders for seamless and simple integration for both equipment users and equipment manufacturers.

Versatile solution for any production line

Every Hover-Davis feeder is designed and manufactured in the USA using proprietary electric motor drive and control systems; providing the highest level of performance and reliability. Feeding solutions are available for components packaged in tape and/or tray, pre-printed labels and die from wafer. It is a versatile solution for any production line.

Compatible with most major SMT platforms, including those from

  • Fuji®
  • Panasonic®
  • Universal Instruments®.


MP Series Tape Feeder for Panasonic CM Pick and Place Machines/ NPM

The MP Series 8mm dual-track feeder provides exclusive features and benefits that reduce operating costs, extend the feeder lifecycle, and improve Panasonic machine utilization, performance and yield.

High-performance original design, not simply a copy!


SSF Series Tape Feeders for Siplace D/HS/HF/S/F/C

Compatible with Siplace C/F/S/H/D, X-Series machines (w/ Schultz Adapter) and custom automation applications

Specifically designed to enhance line operation and productivity. With a durable light weight construction and easy loading features, the SSF feeder will accommodate any line configuration. The SSF tape feeders incorporates many unique features that make operation simple, maintenance minimal and cost of ownership the lowest in their class.

The use of stepper motor technology means that tape indexing is smooth and repeatable. Component loading is simplified by the introduction of reversible tape indexing that significantly reduces component loss at set up. SSF feeders are drop in compatible and require no modifications to the machine of programs.


QF Series Tape Feeder for OEM and Automation

Compatible with Fuji IP/QP2/QP3/XP , new platform (w/ MFU adapter) and custom automation applications

QF Series feeders offer versatile electronic multipitch operation. Pitch selection via a selector button means that a single feeder can be used for several component pitch types. The result is that less feeder inventory is required compared to traditional fixed pitch feeders.

Fewer component mis-picks and component loss with an electronically controlled motor-driven feeder advance. Reverse tape index drive easily via a push button.

Two standard reel sizes are available, 15″ or 18″. Maximum pocket depth is between 4 mm and 22 mm, depending on tape width (8 mm up to 120 mm)eliminates the need for custom feeders.

Improve efficiency of the labelling process

Built with high-precision mechanics, advanced sensors, and intuitive software, making them easy to integrate with existing production lines.

Compatible with a wide range of label sizes and types, including

  • Heat-shrink
  • Self-laminating, and more


AXIUM Label & Media Presenter

For your SMT & Automation needs

The Hover-Davis AXIUM Label & Media Presenter is a flexible alternative for placing labels automatically with existing pick and place equipment. It is no longer necessary to hand place labels or other adhesive backed media.

Automate your process while improving placement accuracy, speed and quality. The AXIUM Media Presenter provides a machine mountable solution that turns any pick and place platform into a flexible alternative to hand assembly.